The New World: Covid & Beyond

It all began with a lockdown. And then another one, and another one… As a person who had never struggled mentally before, despite years of drug use and unstable relationships. My mental health remained surprisingly intact through days without sleep and years without taking care of myself. I never thought the thing that would bring me to my knees would be the time I spent squeezed into a house with too many bodies and I never would have dreamed that it would be my family I was struggling to be around.

With lockdowns beginning to fade into the shadows, there was a light in the distance that every Melbournian was anticipating but I failed to reach. I can’t speak for anyone but myself yet I know I’m not alone. Repeated periods of isolation with a mask of uncertainty surrounded by the closure of so many businesses and places that were a deeply rooted part of our lives had stripped the enjoyment out of life, leaving myself and many others anxious and depressed.

Covid and all it brings with it hasn’t even settled and we now find ourselves checking the news every 5 minutes. This time, it’s not for another daily press conference by the states father figure Dan Andrews, but to bombard ourselves with the devastation being caused in Ukraine by the Russian military. We find ourselves on the brink of World War 3, although I firmly believe it has already began.

It seems the chances of returning to our pre-covid lives has long flurried away and the new world is one full of uncertainty and danger. I have nothing positive to say as of this moment when it comes to our future as a species, for even the wise Nostradamus predicted a devastating nuclear bomb and the death of Vladimir Putin will take place in 2022 – an eerily accurate statement for something written nearly 500 years ago.

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